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What is MyCloudPortal?

MyCloudPortal is about providing an enterprise level of solution to the customers out there so that they can manage multiple clouds using 1 single dashboard.
It is a cloud brokrage tool and ideal for those who are providing cloud hosting or the company who are working with multiple clouds.

What Problem this is solving?
I don’t think there is any company in IT which is not aware/working with cloud, and as we know there are multiple clouds aout there in the market like Amazon,Vcloud,Eucalyptus,OpenStack etc etc
So it is hard to manage all of these and when this projected started there were not any product out in the market which is providing solution of managing multiple cloud using 1 dashboard.

Where you can test this?
It is simple just go to and create a user ID and then log in there.
Provide the credentials and use it and test it. πŸ™‚
It is too damn simple.

Is this free?
Yes, It is free and open. Though we got a branch for enterprise customer only but we got a free version of this too. You can download it from
In future you can expect more.
You can develop over the top of this and add new features whatever you want to.

How may cloud does this support?
Presently our product support Amazon, Eucalyptus and VCloud. But we are working over OpenStack and so this will be out soon and other than this we will be covering all the major cloud.

How is the User Experience?
As the product is open and we got a hosted version too so you can go and check it out anytime.
Other than that believe me it is for one of the best and easy UI to handle.

If you are more interested in knowing about the product then We got some videos too, which would make understanding more easy and clear any doubts πŸ™‚

What Down my CloudPortal do

Get to know My Cloud Portal

And a Couple of new videos with the New UI to make the things more clear

If you got any more question then either ask at our website or comment below.



Spoken tutorials!!

Leave a comment A place where you may learn most of the Opensource technologies,Software and Languages too where language is not a bar. πŸ™‚
Hey all this is my second post and I am going to tell you something great which you should have to know spoken tutorials πŸ™‚
Have you ever heard about that?
It’s a project by which you may earn and learn simultaneously.
It’s a project by National Mission on Education through Information Communication through Technology, launched by MHRD, Govt of India.
It’s being controlled by IITB and they are organizing there workshops throughout the country.
On 2-3 of October,2010 Prof. Kannan Moudgalya was in Jaipur with his team where I met him and worked with him for 2 days and find out Spoken tutorial to be very interesting. There is a lot for each and everyone and biggest thing is it’s all about FOSS πŸ˜‰
They are accepting tutorials over any of the FOSS technology or software and length of every tutorial is just 10 min and they are paying about 2.5K for every tutorial of 10 min πŸ™‚
The biggest thing is they are not specific to any one language i.e. English or Hindi they are accepting it in all the major languages of India that means Language is no more a problem in learning something.
If you think that you may dube some tutorial into your native language if it is not available then go ahead and they are paying for that too.
All the videos are available FREE to watch if you just want to learn from it.
C00l!! B-)
Now what you are thinking how to create this tutorial how to dube any tutorial???
It’s not really a big deal just navigate to the website and you are going to get Video tutorial even on these things.

Campus Ambassador
There is a program for students for being campus ambassador. By being a campus ambassador you are going to be the one who is going to promote Spoken tutorials in your campus and it’s going to look good in you CV too πŸ™‚
Camus ambassador link is here
and if you want to apply for campus ambassador then hit me
What I am contributing?
I am working on submitting Nmap tutorials in here.
So if you want to learn about how to use Nmap and it’s other features then just go to this website and watch them πŸ™‚
These tutorials are under not completed yet will post the link as soon as the tutorials are completed. πŸ™‚
Wiki Main page
Brochures are available over here

So, go and enjoy happy learning and earning.