Gaming is not just a mere time pass,it’s something much more than that.
Now people compete in gaming and there are prizes to be won, people use to spend money over gaming to keep their score more than others, even there are so dedicated gamers that use to play almost 24×7.
Working as an HTML 5 game developer with Mintango technologies and a security guy from passion I came up with this though this is something very common but still worth sharing.

I believe almost all of you know about recent google’s olympic special doodles, and some us are more interested in getting good score and getting all those 3 medal and then take a snapshot and paste it over Facebook.

If you are seeing some of your friend’s good score that doesn’t really mean that the person really scored that as if you know a little bit of HTML then it’s very easy to fake your score, I am taking about manipulating the score not Photoshop.

It’s as very simple just right-click over the doodle and click inspect element (I did this over google crome) and then it’s going to redirect you to the HTML code, now simply search for the numbers which represent your score and change it to what you need it to be.



change the value from 20 to 999
and this will be like

Image before changing anything

and now the medals change the class from class=”hplogo_smh” to class=”hplogo_smg”
and tada you got one of the best score.

Why I am telling this story?

Don’t you think it’s very easy, indeed it is. But the question is if this is that easy then is it worth creating some serious kind of games using HTML 5.
I am not a (superhero :P) flash guy but I know that it is that secure that we may create some serious kind of games with that, though companys like zapak and other some are creating games which use to record the final score and then they use to distribute prizes which attract gamers to log on into there site.

I am not saying that it have to be like castle but we need this to be secure, as anyone may easily manipulate the score or the content which we are sending on server which is used or the anlysis of our score and comaparision of players.

I must confess that I never tried this with some big game as for that I need official permission from the server owner, If you got one then I would love to do test over 🙂

Will come up how to make things more secure and what changes we need to make serious gaming more serious.


it’s not that secure yet.

If ou have any questions then you may mail me or comment here.